Over 8000

carefully designed

motion elements.

$8640 worth of items for After Effects at a price of just $135.


Everything you need for your next creative project.

High-quality typography, transitions, backgrounds, logo reveals, visual effects and much much more.

Save your time and money.

Check our packages and get a lot of high-quality elements.


Make a lasting impression with CrispyType, a premium collection of 1300+ animated titles designed to enhance your narrative. It is the go-to tool for video editors, digital marketers, and content creators who aim to craft compelling video content that resonates and leaves a memorable impact.

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CrispyCut is a way to optimize your workflow and make your edits stand out. Over 1600 dynamic transitions for After Effects will elevate your video editing game. Perfect for content creators, filmmakers, and motion designers seeking to add a professional touch to their work.

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Unleash your creativity with CrispyShapes, the comprehensive collection of over 1100 versatile elements, including shapes, icons, widgets, and hand-drawn items tailored to offer endless possibilities to elevate your visuals. Transform your creative concepts into visually stunning realities!

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Add depth and texture to your projects with Flow, a diverse collection of more than 1000 professionally designed backgrounds and overlays. Elevate your video content to new heights of professionalism and creativity, making every frame an immersive stunning experience for your audience.

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Transform your projects with Distorted, the definitive collection of 650+ cutting-edge glitch elements that will electrify your content. This comprehensive pack includes a variety of titles, transitions, logo reveals, visual and sound effects to infuse your videos with a high-tech, disruptive aesthetic.

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Capture the attention of your followers with Spotlight, a premium collection of over 400 stories templates designed to make your content shine. Spotlight offers a diverse range of customizable templates that cater to every occasion, mood, and brand style, ensuring your stories stand out in a sea of content.

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Introducing Pitch, the ultimate collection of over 700 slides and assets designed to streamline the creation of your next promo or opener. This extensive selection is perfect for busy creatives seeking to impress clients with rapid turnarounds or content creators looking to hook viewers from the start.

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Make It Cool

Make It Cool is your all-in-one library featuring over 800 assorted assets, designed to inject a fresh and trendy vibe into your video projects. With a vast array of looks, presets, typography styles, and more, this library caters to every creative’s desire to give videos a distinctive edge.

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Powered by AtomX.

Visit the official AtomX website to learn more about the extension.


One-click workflow

Select an element, click on the Apply button and it is instantly added to the timeline.


Built-in Customizer

Adjust the element settings and edit the text without opening the composition.


Live text editing

Edit the element text blocks directly inside Customizer.


Timing controls

Just move the markers and stretch the layers to adjust the element speed and timing.


Live previews

Take a look at the element before adding it to the timeline.

What our customers say.

We value their trust in our products.

  • Alexander Pereira
    The titles look amazing, and everything works great and is easy to edit. I am very satisfied with this purchase and am getting a lot of use out of it. Recommended.
    Alexander Pereira
    Next Level Bros
  • George Hansen
    CrispyType is an absolute pleasure to work with, super easy to use and very versatile. I use it in nearly all my projects. Vladimir also offers great support when something's not reacting right in my videos.
    George Hansen
    Global Health Film
  • Jan Van den Bossche
    Lots of variations in designs. Smooth and nice looking animations. The extension works perfectly.
    Jan Van den Bossche
  • Onder Kadagan
    Very good package. I love all the animations.
    Onder Kadagan
  • "Chris Komsthoeft
    It has saved me so many times. I've provided clients with some of the highest quality motion graphics and effects, thanks to these elements. Whether you want to create an impressive intro or really dazzle with multiple layers, this is hands down my most used AE plugin and most impressive.
    "Chris Komsthoeft
    Mata Mata Media
  • JoannisK
    This package is one of the best. Too many elements to choose from! The quality is great too! Well done!
    Videohive customer
  • Stephan Förster
    Great support. Great tool. Saves a lot of time for me.
    Stephan Förster
  • Beka Pritchards
    Can't recommend this enough! Such a massive bundle with endless possibilities. So easy to use, easy to customize. Everything is so slick. Don't think, just get it. Amazing tool for any motion graphics designer. Perfect to speed up your workflow! Also, I had an issue with an expression and they got back to me and resolved it within 10 minutes, can't get better customer service than that! Thank you!
    Beka Pritchards
  • Tommy Cardon
    This script is just AWESOME!!! The new updated Atom extension is blazingly fast and just incredibly EASY to use. You are going to save soooo much time by getting this and using it in your video editing workflow. Vcgmotion is also awesome. Seriously. Fast response times and extremely friendly. I like him a lot.
    Tommy Cardon
    The Murdock Manwaring Company
  • Bill Chennault
    Just a damn good product. End of story.
    Bill Chennault
    Free Laundromat